I Was Stupid – ‘Regretful’ Actress ‘weeps’ Over Naked Pictures (Videos)

I Was Stupid – ‘Regretful’ Actress ‘weeps’ Over Naked Pictures (Videos)

Actress and former musician, Kisa Gbekle, has regretted flooding the internet with naked pictures of herself during her days in the music industry.

Kisa, known for recording ‘Twerk’ in 2014, now wishes she could have all her nude pictures off the internet but that is indeed irreversible. The internet never forgets!

In an interview on Zionfelix Uncut, Kisa, who has quit music and is now focusing on movies, said she was stupid to have made public her naked pictures.

“Ask me why I even stopped the music… Because I was exposing my body. I think it wasn’t right. When you’re young and you’re stupid, it’s serious ooo. Every day, I’m doing this naked, I’ll cover my boobs like this… Jesus, I’m not even proud of that. I wish I can take all off YouTube. I regret a lot,” she noted.

“I just wanted to do something to be in the news. Every day, they reviewed my stories on radio and TV and I thought I was on top of the world. It’s nothing. If I wasn’t careful, I would have been finished,” she added.

Offering counsel to ladies who are comfortably swimming in the act, Kisa said it was prudent for ladies to be descent. According to her, if the motive for going naked is to attract men, ladies are rather doing the opposite.

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She said: “Getting naked is not the ish. If you’re getting naked because you like guys, guys don’t pay for nakedness. The big men who appreciate you will come and give you money when you cover up. People that cover up, they do the worst things but because they’re covered up, you’ll never know they do the worst things. When you’re covered, you are well respected. You command the right people. People judge depending on how you dress.”

Meanwhile the actress has revealed she broke her virginity at age 12 because of hardship. She told host, Zionfelix, she was compelled to live a life she’s never been proud of because she had to survive.

“My exes are just five… and I broke my virginity when I was 12 years,” she said. “It was because of where I was coming from. I had to take things into my hands. I had a very bad background. My past is something I’m not too proud of. When you’re from a very poor home, you do everything to make it in life. I started doing that to take care of myself, to pay my fees. I had dropped out of school. There was no money…

“I didn’t even know my age. It was when I completed JSS before I got to know that I no even catch 20 years sef wey I do things plenty like that. I was dating these young guys from good homes in Volta Region.”

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